How to Get Started on Your MDM Journey

Achieving a successful outcome with your MDM project can require a lot of preparation. There are many things to consider and it can be hard to figure out where to start and which steps to follow.

So, that's why Unit of Measure have produced a short video course. A series of 10 videos that will walk you through how to deliver a successful MDM project.

And to help in your preparation, there is also an MDM project checklist that can be downloaded as a PDF summarising each step of the process on our video course.

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Video 1: Introduction

Begin your Master Data Management (MDM) journey with Martin Kjeldsen, founder of Unit of Measure and former long-time employee of Stibo Systems. Dive into the essentials of MDM, its importance in the modern business landscape, and receive expert guidance on planning and initiating a successful MDM project.

This is the first video in a series that covers the fundamental steps for getting starting with MDM.

Video 2: What is MDM and Why Is It Important for Large Businesses

Understand the challenges faced by large businesses, from data fragmentation to ensuring customer experiences, and discover how MDM offers solutions to these pressing issues.

Whether you're facing data silos, grappling with regulatory compliance, or aiming for enhanced customer experience, learn how MDM can be your solution.

Video 3: Building Internal Consensus for MDM

Delve into the nuances of constructing an internal consensus for Master Data Management (MDM) in the third instalment of our series.

This video underscores the significance of securing stakeholder buy-in and devises a structured approach to attain it.

From pinpointing key stakeholders to ensuring they remain committed and informed, get equipped with a strategic blueprint to ensure your MDM project is wholeheartedly embraced by your organization.

Video 4: Assessing Your Current MDM Readiness

In this video, we delve into a meticulous approach to gauge an organization's readiness for MDM.

Learn the integral steps involved, ranging from establishing assessment objectives to developing a robust action plan.

Whether you're evaluating data quality, scrutinising governance practices, or performing a gap analysis, this video breaks down each essential phase to ensure that your organization is primed for a successful MDM journey.

For organizations in need of a structured approach, our MDM Enablement Services offers a comprehensive toolkit to guide you.

Video 5: Defining Your MDM Requirements

Dive into the fifth instalment of our MDM guide where we talk about defining your MDM requirements.

From understanding your current data landscape to articulating explicit goals and focusing on key MDM solution features, this video is your guide to setting the foundation for a seamless MDM solution tailored for your organization.

If you're unsure about your requirements or need guidance, don't hesitate to explore our MDM Enablement Services.

Video 6: Planning the RFI RFQ Process

This video guides you through drafting a robust RFI document, ensuring its reach to potential vendors, evaluating vendor responses, and making informed decisions.

Whether you're new to MDM or looking to refine your vendor selection process, this tutorial provides great insights on how to get started.

Video 7: Selecting the Right MDM Platform and Implementation Partner

Delve into the critical decisions of selecting the right MDM platform and its implementation partner. Ensuring that your choice aligns with your organization's unique requirements is paramount.

We'll break down the core capabilities to look for in an MDM solution, the importance of vendor stability, leveraging customer references, and understanding pricing structures.

Discover the benefits of partnering with a top-tier MDM solution provider, emphasizing industry-specific needs and ongoing support.

Video 8: Assembling Your MDM Project Team

Assembling a cohesive and skilled team is fundamental to the success of an MDM initiative.

Explore the primary roles involved in an MDM project, understand the responsibilities tied to each role, and dive deep into the essential skillsets required. Beyond identifying the team structure, this video emphasizes the importance of collaboration, communication, and continuous learning as key ingredients for success.

Unearth strategies to promote teamwork, stakeholder engagement, and shared vision throughout your MDM journey.

Video 9: Gearing Up for the MDM Project

In the ninth episode of our Master Data Management series, we focus on the essential groundwork required to kickstart your MDM project. Preparation is key, and setting the stage for success begins long before the actual implementation phase.

This video emphasizes the value of a robust internal communication plan, collaboration with your chosen MDM vendor, and the strategic allocation of resources. It delves into the intricacies of data migration and underscores the importance of data governance.

As the adage goes, "Well begun is half done." Tune in to learn how meticulous preparation can shape the trajectory of your MDM project.

Video 10: Conclusions and Next Steps

In the final episode of our Master Data Management series, we take a step back to review and summarize the journey thus far.

This episode encapsulates the core facets of initiating and implementing an MDM project, serving as a testament to the viewer's dedication and readiness to embark on their MDM voyage.

In addition to the rich content, viewers are presented with a valuable tool - a checklist that captures the series' essence, ensuring they have a tangible action plan. As this journey concludes, another one potentially begins. For those seeking further assistance, we highlight how Unit of Measure can transform this foundational knowledge into a successful MDM execution.

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