We are specialists in the software application STEP from Stibo Systems.
All our services revolve around helping organisations implement, refine and support this leading software solution for Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM).
Implementation of STEP
We help you deliver a successful STEP implementation.

We have many years of experience implementing STEP PIM and MDM solutions for large organisations across multiple verticals such as manufacturing, distribution, physical and online retail, travel and hospitality and many more.

No two companies are the same, so we don't believe in cookie-cutter solutions. We design and build no-nonsense STEP solutions that work in the real world. Our focus is on delivering real business value that makes people's lives easier and more productive.

We can provide a complete project team of experienced STEP consultants or fill the gaps in your project team with the specialist STEP skills you need.

We work directly with companies looking to implement STEP, but we can also work as subcontractors to partners of Stibo Systems.
STEP Developments
Once you have established a foundation for managing master data with STEP, you will soon realise many more opportunities to improve and scale your business through developing STEP enhancements.

You may already have ideas for how your STEP solution should develop in the coming years. We help you construct a solid roadmap to bring those ideas to life.

If you want to discover fresh ideas and new insights to get more out of your STEP solution, we provide engaging STEP Inspiration Sessions. These are short, interactive, and engaging workshops (delivered virtually at present) that provide innovative case stories, architectural roadmaps, and the latest guidance on extending and enriching your STEP capability.

Take your STEP platform to a new level. Schedule a call to learn more about our unique STEP development and enhancement services.
Testing of STEP solutions

Are you concerned of falling into any of these typical testing traps:

  • The testing effort is often one of the first things to be reduced when a project faces delays.
  • The responsibility for testing is often assigned solely to project team members or business users with limited testing experience.
  • Test cases are superficial or don't even exist.
  • Lack of structured approach and proper testing discipline.

If any of these points are relevant to your situation, those issues are likely to come back to haunt you once your STEP solution has gone live and could potentially cause production stops, missed revenue, loss of user acceptance/confidence and much more.

We offer testing of STEP solutions as a stand-alone service or as a part of our implementation or development services. We have a team of experienced STEP testers that understand the complexity of our customers' business and the variety in use cases to test for.

STEP Support and on-going consultancy
Once your STEP system is live, it's time for it to bring value to your organisation. Users must adapt to new ways of working and their acceptance of these changes is imperative to the success of the new system. It's therefore important that any issues brought up by users are addressed quickly and efficiently.

It's also important that your STEP system is regularly developed further to meet new or changing business requirements, improve usability and ensure that the solution constantly fit the needs and wants of the organisation.

We offer to be your go-to STEP support team that works directly with your organisation to help you address system issues quickly and efficiently and help you keep your STEP system current and on top of its game.
PIM or MDM analysis
If you are still not sure whether a Master Data Management or Product Information Management system is the right choice for your organisation, we can help you analyse your current situation and assess if there's a viable potential, and if so help you build a business case.

We tailor an analysis package to your needs and requirements and help you identify the critical processes in your organisation where PIM or MDM can have the highest potential for your business.