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Your STEP system is not just an application - it's a platform for business growth
Discover how STEP can bring additional business capabilities to your organisation
Looking for qualified help to design and implement your new STEP developments?
Looking to do more with your STEP system?
If you are managing a STEP system, you might already have a good idea about the potential it has for improving and streamlining many more aspects of your business. You want to do more with STEP - but you need help to bring that potential to life.
If your STEP system has been running for a while without any significant expansions and capabilities being added, you might be concerned that the system is going stale and could use a fresh set of eyes and ideas on how to reinvigorate the system in your organisation.
You have exciting projects and initiatives involving STEP that you want to implement, but you lack experienced STEP resources to get started and maybe also someone to help you validate and refine your ideas.
Perhaps you have already had to give up on desired STEP improvement projects due to budget concerns. If only there was a way to access competent STEP resources that could get the job done in less time and at a lower cost.
You have stressful peak production periods, when you never seem to have enough skilled STEP resources available. If only you could scale your capacity up and down as needed with someone who could even upskill your team and help to optimise your processes.
Maybe you are happy with how your STEP system is running, but always on the look-out for new ideas on how you could expand it. But where do you go for inspiration? And who can provide input that is relevant to your situation and business and help bring those good ideas to life?
Increase the ROI of your investment in STEP
"Martin was responsible for the design and implementation of a very complex PIM solution. Thanks to Martin's excellent skills, we managed to go into production in just 6 months with the best possible, future proof solution."
IIkka Pirttimaa
Worked with Martin as Chief ICT Architect at Stockmann
"Martin is an experienced senior PIM MDM Step consultant equally comfortable on different levels of STEP implementation: Project management, problem analysis and resolution as well as functional and performance testing."
Tjasa Mesko
Managed Martin as Platform Manager PIM for Staples Europe
Why should you consider your STEP system as an essential platform for your business?
Bridge different data domains in one system
If you are not already managing multiple data domains in your STEP system, you should consider this opportunity to tear down data and organisational silos and achieve a whole new perspective and insights of your business.
Get rid of old legacy applications and clean up your IT landscape
You likely have several applications running in your organisation that could be replaced by the out-of-the-box capabilities that comes with STEP. If not, STEP's rich APIs could probably be leveraged to achieve the capabilities you need.
Develop, launch and mature new capabilities fast
The STEP platform and the master data its holds is a perfect foundation for agile development of new capabilities, because the access to relevant data combined with an extensive tool kit makes an excellent infrastructure to build on.
Digital transformation of your business starts here
Digital tranformation is indeed a popular buzz word these days, but STEP does hold the potential to transform the hype to streamline, automate, consolidate and simplify your business processes. Ask us how.
How we help you win!
Watch this short video with founder of Unit of Measure, Martin Kjeldsen, to learn why you should consider doing more with your STEP system.
Working with us is easy
Here's how it works:
1. We meet and assess
Schedule a call with us and we will meet to discuss your project and requirements and assess if we are a good fit for each other.
2. We plan and implement
We help you efficiently and successfully develop and implement the desired new capabilities in your STEP system.
3. We celebrate and support
We celebrate when the new capabilities goes live and continue to support you as you expand the system even further.
Why you should work with us
We understand your business
We have worked with companies using STEP across many different verticals and we understand that challenges and requirements vary greatly depending on the DNA of your business.
The STEP-centric consultancy company
Our company is built from the ground up to focus on the STEP platform and surrounding technologies exclusively. We believe that relentless focus is the key to success in our business.
A tailor-made solution for you
We believe that your business is unique and deserves a unique solution. We will not force you to fit into a premade template, but we guide you based on the best practice principles for your industry.
We’re flexible to work with
We have the capacity to fill all the required roles you need in a STEP implementation or development project, but we are also open to team up with consultants from other consultancy companies.
Your solution based on standard functionality
Based on our deep understanding of STEP’s extensive tool box, your solution will be based on standard functionality to speed up implementation, reduce complexity and lower the total cost of ownership.
We're the budget-friendly option
With offices in Denmark and India, we offer not just onsite, but also off-shore services and we pass the cost-advantage on to you. All consultants meet our high standards for STEP and English-speaking skills.
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