Helping you implement STEP into your organisation
Expertly. Efficiently. Successfully.
Your STEP solution tailored with out-of-the-box functionality
Smooth, best practice PIM / MDM STEP implementation
Build a solid MDM platform for long-lasting growth
Implementing a STEP system can be a daunting task and the stakes are high!
Knowing this project is critical for your company's future growth is exciting. And a bit scary.
You have set out on a journey that can lead to huge wins for your organisation, but poor decisions early on can lead you in the wrong direction.
The high expectations from management and other stakeholders in your company can easily start to weigh on you.
You're struggling to build a bridge from the as-is to the to-be situations, while getting your organisation on board.
Having to keep the project on track to meet a tight deadline and budget can be overwhelming.
Finding the best STEP experts with the right mix of skills, experience and business mindset can be hard.
We get it! But it doesn't have to be that way.
Implementing a STEP system should be exciting - Not stressful
"Martin was responsible for the design and implementation of a very complex PIM solution. Thanks to Martin's excellent skills, we managed to go into production in just 6 months with the best possible, future proof solution."
IIkka Pirttimaa
Worked with Martin as Chief ICT Architect at Stockmann
"Martin is an experienced senior PIM MDM Step consultant equally comfortable on different levels of STEP implementation: Project management, problem analysis and resolution as well as functional and performance testing."
Tjasa Mesko
Managed Martin as Platform Manager PIM for Staples Europe
How implementing a STEP system will have a positive impact on your business
Supporting your organisation's strategy for growth
Working more efficiently as you consolidate your IT infrastructure
Eliminate data silos and double-work to reduce costs and free up people's time
Welcoming new opportunities knowing your STEP system is scalable
Future proofing your organisation with a system that expands with you
Enjoying the ongoing support that comes with being in safe and trusted hands
How we help you win!
We get how daunting implementing a new PIM or MDM system can be. There are a lot of moving parts that can impact many areas of your organisation. Getting it wrong could delay a project, blow the budget or even derail it completely - so it never sees the light of day.

We don't want that for you. We want you to succeed. Watch this short video from our Founder Martin Kjeldsen and see how we can help you win the day!
Here's how we take the stress out of implementing your STEP system:
1. We meet and assess
Schedule a call and we'll arrange a time to meet up. Let's discuss your project and assess if we're a good fit for each other
2. We plan and implement
Once on board as your trusted partner, we'll help you efficiently and successfully implement STEP into your organisation.
3. We celebrate and support
We'll be there to celebrate with you when your system goes live and continue to support you as you expand the system even further.
As experienced and trusted STEP implementation experts, we:
Having worked with STEP customers across many different verticals such as e.g. manufacturers, distributors and retailers, we understand your challenges and objectives.
You don't want a solution that's packed with custom code. We will base your solution on standard functionality to reduce complexity, speed up implementation and lower costs.
Your business deserves a tailored and unique solution. We'll never force you to fit into a pre-made template, but will meet your specific requirements and ensure a system that scales with you.
We have the experience and competencies to fully implement STEP with your team or, if the project has a wider scope, to work with other consultancy companies as part of a bigger team.
We only offer STEP related services and support that platform exclusively. We may be a smaller company, but we care about your business and believe our relentless focus is the key to your success.
We bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and a deep understanding of STEP’s unique tool box. But, with consultants based in Europe and India, we can also work with your budget.
No need to feel overwhelmed. Sleep easier knowing your STEP implementation is in safe and trusted hands